The Village News is online for the time being.

The editors aim to continue publishing the Village News even though we cannot deliver it to you in the normal printed format. We will, on a temporary basis, publish a weekly edition here.

Our first solely digital edition was published on 3 April and we are proud to have published one each Friday since then.

The content is very different to the printed edition as physical meetings have stopped for the time being and so there is very little activity for some clubs etc to report.

However, many organisations are adapting to use technology to keep in touch and even hold meetings or rehearsals online. Our own online presence is a case in point.

Let us hope that we can soon revert to a more normal way of life and a Village News in its normal format before too long.

Contribute to and publicise the Village News!

We depend totally on our readers to contribute articles and tell everyone you know about the digital version.

Please send items to editors.villagenews@gmail.com

Digital editions

Each digital edition will be very different, and no one knows how, including the editors!

The digital editions are being added to a separate page available here and from the Library option in the menu.

We would like to publish a new edition here each Friday, if sufficient material arrives, so please send your articles etc. in as soon as you have finished them. The deadline for digital editions is midday on Tuesday to allow us to consider items for publication on the Friday.

Submitting articles

With all activities put on hold, we would encourage residents to send us their original works on the understanding that, if published, they will be published for all and sundry to come across on the internet.

A few words about how you are filling the days, how different or similar they are to your previous routine, and purely creative writing will all be welcome. In fact, anything that is in good taste and will brighten people’s day will be welcome.

You could also offer a book or a film review or a photograph, a memory, a poem or your “Deserted Island” discs and why you would choose them.

We would especially welcome items from children. What have they created, what new games have been invented, how are their pets, what are they singing, what have they learnt? This is an opportunity to be published in a positive environment.

As always, the editors are totally at the whim of what our fellow residents are kind enough to allow us to consider for publication so please send your items to:


We look forward to curating your articles and images in a kindly way far from the unconstrained other world of social media.

Keep writing to us. Keep reading the Village News (in whatever guise).

But most importantly…

Keep safe. Keep fit. Keep positive.

Please print a copy for others to see

The Village News is valued by many residents who are not on the internet. 

It would normally pop through the letterbox each month, and because it does not have to be searched for it is more widely read than otherwise would be the case.   Many keep it handy for occasional quick reference. 

So, if you know of someone who may not be online, please do print out a copy and offer it to them so that they can retain their connection, but please do so in a safe way to avoid spreading the virus.


We will not be publishing commercial adverts in our online editions.

Recurring adverts have therefore been suspended and will start appearing again in our next printed edition. The run will be extended to ensure they appear for the correct number of editions. If a change to the wording becomes necessary for a recurring advert we will accept that when the time comes.