05 June edition published (while continuing to monitor the C-number)

Well, we have made it through to our 10th digital edition!

So far it has been a weekly endeavour during the lockdown to help maintain and possibly further develop the community spirit that we are so fortunate to have in Nursling and Rownhams.

Like the lockdown measures, we will keep the frequency under review. If contributions are in short supply we may relax our weekly routine as a first baby step towards full reversion to a monthly print copy. However, we should prepare ourselves to embrace the new normal when that time arrives.

In the meantime, we are keeping a close eye on the rate of “contributions for publication” (the C-number*). The unprecedented measures we put in place over the last 10 weeks to publish weekly editions may be relaxed as the C-number comes down: we are over the peak and appear to be on the downward curve.

The publication frequency is conditional on how our readership responds to our present requests for new material. We have been very clear with our messaging so far:

<< Please>> << Send >> << More >>

If the C-number* continues to decline we will move to less frequent publications, but we will always be guided by the less than scientific advice of the editors, who needless to say are the wisest of sages in this matter.

Meanwhile, the many (the editors and our readers) are very grateful to the few (villagers providing material to make our 10th edition possible) and we hope you find something of interest to you, dear reader.

If you have something to offer for publication, don’t be shy, please send it to:


Meanwhile, your fix of locally contributed articles and images is now available here along with previous editions.

*For the avoidance of doubt, given the highly intelligent readership of the Village News, you should take care not to confuse our use of the C-number with the term c-number found in an old nomenclature used by Paul Dirac which refers to real and complex numbers, where it is used to distinguish from operators in quantum mechanics. (Thank you for pointing that out Wikipedia.)