12 June edition published (as the Rest and Race results start to come in)

We have published edition number 11 “legs 11, number 11”. You will need good legs to follow this week’s walk described by Mr Rambler.

We are very pleased that this week some more people have joined the Race to sign up to this weekly reminder that the Village News is available. Welcome to the Race! This will be your first missive.

We would love more people to Race to sign up. The more who Race to our website and sign up, the more likely it is that the digital editions will keep appearing until the new normal is established.

Ramping up the Racing is a great help. It provides the adrenalin that motivates our contributors and editors to keep on going.

But Racing is only half the story.

So what about the Rest? Well, we hope the Rest of the lovely residents of Nursling and Rownhams will be able to read these editions and feel they can contribute memories, history, creative writing, articles, photographs, recipes, etc.

We are delighted this week to feature some new contributors from the Resting.

We do not advocate Resting on your laurels. This can be mind numbing so we encourage you to keep your brain active and contribute to the C-number (the rate of “contributions for publication”, if you recall).

We will continue to monitor the C-number alongside the Rest and Race results to track the progress of the present epidemic of digital editions.

So, please remember our continued call to action for everyone to follow:

<< Please>> << Send >> << More >>

Meanwhile, we hope you find something of interest to you again this week, dear reader.

If you have something to offer for publication, don’t be shy, please send it to:


Meanwhile, your fix of locally contributed articles and images is now available here along with previous editions.

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