19 June edition published (but the App is not)

Had we stretched the budget and given an (old) penny for your thoughts each week we would now be a shilling the poorer in monetary terms but our kindly contributors have generously enriched us and you, dear readers, by donating the varied content of the dozen digital editions to date. This week you have kindly provided material for 30 pages! Welcome to week 12 and our update on the current situation.

Our regular readers will be well aware that we have been monitoring the C-Number, the rate of contributions, for many weeks and we are pleased with the progress so far. We were hoping that it would not fall away in an exponential fashion. We are delighted to be able to report that it is being maintained at an acceptable rate, but we remain alert to future adverse changes to the trend and a second wave causing a dearth of contributions. This must be avoided at all costs so alterations to the guidance are being introduced in a measured way, slowly and carefully.

Although ever grateful for the contributions we receive for publication from a relatively small number of residents, a village wide Race and Rest system was introduced recently in an effort to encourage more people to Race to contribute to the Village News; and from there we are able to reach the Rest. The results so far have been encouraging with a good number of Racers being identified which, by definition, identifies the Rest.

The editors can report that the Rest and Race App is still in development. While the Rest and Race system could be implemented fairly quickly, our mighty all conquering design for the Rest and Race App is unfortunately taking longer than had been anticipated. It has been through thorough beta testing, gamma testing and even delta testing but, frankly, the whole thing is Greek to us. It has had extensive Field trials and River trials, and was recently subjected to the Apple Orchard trials. However, whilst it will certainly help, we no longer think it will be the master key to unlocking more contributions to the digital editions from the Rest, let alone the normal production and distribution of the printed Village News. Nevertheless we will return to the Apple Orchard to resolve the technical issues that cause the Buefruit variety to fall prematurely.

We continue to be guided by the science, but the public’s discontent with being deprived of their fundamental right to receive the Village News through their letterbox each month must surely lead eventually to widespread demands to reinstate the universal distribution of the Village News around the whole village. In that case we will, of course, interpret the science accordingly.

In the meantime our message is clear and remains the same:

<< Please >> << Send >> << More >>

Thank you for reading this weekly briefing to launch the latest, week 12 edition which is available here.

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