26 June edition published

Today marks our 13th edition.

For the superstitious among us, 13 may be an unlucky number.

For (home) bakers it is their own peculiar dozen.

For the mathematicians it is prime number.

For young people and their parents it is the start of teenage years and all that goes with them.

For the editors, however, it is simply cause to be grateful for and celebrate the contributions received from local residents of all ages not only for this edition but for the last three months. We really didn’t expect it to last this long!

To one and all, please stay alert to potential subjects and opportunities that might trigger a desire to contribute to the next edition(s).

So, please remember the underlying message, which is incredibly important:

<< PLEASE >> << SEND >> << MORE >>

Meanwhile, today’s edition for Week 13 can be found here. We hope you find it an enjoyable read.

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