10 July edition published (despite temporary additional measures in a limited area)

Sadly, there are signs that the C-number, our very own indicator of the rate of contributions each week, has gone into reverse. The editors re-introduced some of the measures that were in place during the earlier phases of the Village News lockdown. They are pleased to note that they have only been introduced in the Fester area, a very limited area indeed, where the C-rate has gone into reverse and where the virus of apathy has been found to..err..fester.

We are confident that people in that small geographic area of Fester will do the right thing for themselves and for the village by adhering to the more stringent guidelines that have been re-introduced, and that as result the virus of apathy can be defeated and the C-number will improve.

Our message therefore remains the same…

<<PLEASE>> <<SEND>> <<MORE>>

…so that we can defeat the virus of apathy.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the village restrictions are being eased even further than they had been already. People are getting out more and the local economy has made a tentative start on the uphill struggle of its impolite V-shaped recovery. But, despite the easing, progress is patchy so the editors look forward to returning to print editions of the Village News before long so that we can carry adverts to support local businesses.

And so to our 15th edition of the weekly Village News. As usual it can be found here with the earlier editions.

Thank you to all who have contributed this week and all who have signed up to receive it. We may not have clapped you, but your active support is very much appreciated.

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