24 July edition published (applying new distancing rules)

You may have noticed that The Village News has trialled new distancing rules.

As a result, this edition has been separated by a distance in time of two weeks from the previous one, whereas the previous advice was for a distance of one week between digital editions.

This edition marks the end of that initial trial, so in all likelihood we will revert back to a distance of one week to publish our next edition on 31 July.

The analysis and assessment of the results of the trial are being fast tracked and we expect to be able to report on the outcome of the trial in time for that edition at the end of July. 

Our hope is to implement the 2-week distancing rule fully for the whole of August.  This would mean that in August two editions will be published, each being separated by the new distance of two weeks.  The end of August could then spell the end of our foray into the digital world, and these ridiculous posts.

Then at 6pm on 12th September the clock will strike to mark the deadline for the October PRINTED edition.

Sadly, Covid-19 will still be with us in October, 6 months after publication of your first digital Covidition of the Village News, but we have to get back to as near as normal as soon as possible.

The editors will have battled with Covid-19 for the whole 6 months monitoring the C-Number (the rate of contributions), encouraging the Rest to Race to contribute including the unsuccessful development of the Rest and Race App, applying a temporary lock down, and now trialling new distancing rules.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed so far and to those about to do so.  We also offer our thanks to the villagers who have read each edition.  The efforts of the contributors and editorial/production team are only worthwhile if people support and read the Village News in whatever ever guise it appears.

If you have something to say, an activity to report on, something you are grateful for, or a literary or photographic masterpiece to share, please send it to


Meanwhile we will add a further message to the normal one for the benefit of the Village News and your community, namely:

<<  PLEASE  >>     <<  SEND  >>     <<  MORE  >>

and don’t forget to

<<  WEAR  >>     << YOUR  >>     <<  MASK  >>

As always, the latest digital edition can be found here and via the Menu.

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