31 July – edition not published (volume of voucher applications overwhelming)

The C-number that monitors the rate of new contributions each week continues to track in the wrong direction, even though we have revised the figures to remove an element of double dealing which artificially inflated the statistics.

As the C-number. has seen an adverse movement the editors have no choice but to re-impose a local lockdown on the Village News.

We understand that this will be a difficult time for some residents who look forward to its content, but when there is no content there can be no Village News and nothing to look forward to.

In the event that you have something to contribute you can still send it to


In other news, and as part of the editors’ determination to encourage village residents to improve their fitness levels, they have introduced a limited first tranche of £50 Nike Repair Vouchers.  This is a trial release available on a first-come first-served basis and further tranches will be released over the coming weeks.  The phased introduction is intended to smooth out the demand to ensure that our authorised shoe repairs (cobblers) can cope with the anticipated demand.  As part of continuing professional development for the present teams of cobblers, and as part of a drive to upskill new recruits, they have already had some trainers in.

So, rummage around in your shoe rack and dust off that old Nike with its caked-on mud from running during the downpours and get it back into serviceable condition.  T&Cs apply, the main one being that the Repair Voucher can only be used once and can only be used to offset the cost of repairing one Nike.  Don’t forget that your partner can also apply for a Nike Repair Voucher enabling you to choose whether to have a complete pair to share between you or hobble along with one each.

STOP PRESS: Although our website can cater for at least three visitors at a time, it was swamped by interested residents keen to obtain a voucher.  We crossed our fingers hard to get it back up and running and eventually residents were able to apply.  However please be aware that the first tranche of vouchers has already run out, an early sign of their popularity with owners wishing to get back on their Nikes (other makes are widely available).

If you do go out, please remember to

<<WEAR >>    <<YOUR>>    <<MASK>>

But don’t forget also to wash your hands thoroughly and socially distance to mitigate the risk.  These are equally as important.

Stay safe, stay well, stay positive.

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