7 August edition not published (extended lock down)

Happily, your blogger has just made it back from his Bahamas hideout in time to avoid self isolation. This excellent timing means not only that self-isolation was avoided but arriving back during the UK heatwave also ensures a more gradual acclimatisation. A win-win outcome.

Despite its less than global reach, the Village News is in extended lockdown while we accumulate sufficient material for our penultimate digital edition next week.

If you would like to see an edition of the Village News next week and a final edition on 31 August, please send your contributions to:


Looking further ahead, make a note in your diaries that the 12 September will be the deadline for the October Village News. We are looking forward to being back in print and reaching a wider audience again.

All the digital editions to date can be found here.

Meanwhile please:

<<WEAR>> <<YOUR>> <<MASK>>

<<WASH>> <<YOUR>> <<HANDS>>



so we can all keep our community as safe as we can.

Stay safe, stay well, stay positive.

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