28 August – Final Digital Edition Published (while awaiting a personal travel corridor)

This is the final digital edition of the Village News.

It is our 18th edition. The Digital Village News has come of age. Its editorial parents that conceived it in March, gave birth to it on 3 April 2020 and raised it for 18 editions have done their part and waved it goodbye. It has been a labour of love for the local community. We hope both our readers enjoyed it.

Thank you, especially, to those who have willingly taken up the challenge to provide content for the digital editions, and apologies to those who have been nagged and cajoled, coaxed or otherwise persuaded to send us items for publication. The editors have truly appreciated your efforts.

We have equally appreciated the loyalty of both our readers.

Next time, we will drop through your letterbox in ink, rather than into your inbox with a link.

The old deadlines will apply once again so the deadline will be 6pm on 12 September for the October 2020 edition.

Adverts will also recommence. Recurring adverts will have end dates extended by 6 months (as the April to September print editions were either not distributed or not published). If advertisers wish to amend the text of their recurring advert they should let the editors know as soon as possible.

You can send adverts, notices, letters, articles and reports etc. to:


We now present our final briefing on the key performance indicators and restrictions affecting the Village News and its readers, after which your blogger will be taken for emergency surgery to remove his tongue from his cheek.

The C-number, that monitors the rate of new contributions each week, has fluctuated over the last 6 months, but the overall trend has shown a distinct downward trajectory. There has often been insufficient material to justify publication, so a small number of contributors have artificially bolstered the C-number in order to publish a worthwhile edition. We have to level with you: our Rest and Race app has not been as successful as we had initially hoped. Efforts to encourage the Rest to Race to contribute, resulted in very few new contacts being made.

During the currency of the digital editions, overseas holidays were off for months, then on for a week or two, then off for even shorter time. Then there were hopes that they may be on again, provided you are going to an island, but these were soon dashed.  Presumably that’s not good news for the Isle of Wight, despite all their app testing. Rumour has it that Easyjet (other airlines are also available) were ready to use some of their surplus planes to start a route from Southampton to Bembridge; but you should not take too much notice of rumours, especially ones that emanate from here.  “We’re all going on a Summer Holiday…No more worries for a week or two…” unless you are subject to an enforced self-isolation for that period when you arrive back, as is increasingly the case. Well, summer holidays are now nearly over, not that most of us had one. But we can all bank on a holiday on Monday 31 August, just stay away from the bank holiday covidiots.

Meanwhile, your blogger is busy packing his bags in the hope that a personal travel corridor will be opened up between the village that has been home for 30 years and the village where his new home will be, well an older home in need of renovation really.  One item he will not be taking, is his editor’s pen which after at least 23 years of faithful service has sadly run out of ink (happily other editors are available, but refills definitely are not).

However, he will be taking his supply of masks, which reminds us once again to entreat you all to:

<<WEAR >>    <<YOUR>>    <<MASK>>


But also, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly and socially distance to mitigate the risk. It’s up to you to keep the virus at bay.  Your community needs you and you need your community. It works both ways.

This week’s covidition, the ultimate digital Village News experience can be found in the library, along with all of the other digital editions.

See you on your doormat in October!

Stay safe, stay well, stay positive.