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10 April edition is now out!

We are delighted to have received sufficient material for a second digital edition, which was published here a few moments ago. Thank you so much to all who have contributed.

Please keep sending your items to us at so that we can maintain a weekly edition to help keep the community spirit going during these peculiar times; and do encourage others to send us some items too.

Finally please let everyone know that the Village News is available here at . If your search engine does not find us, just type into the address bar at the top of your browser. And, of course, do encourage them to sign up on the website to receive these notifications when we publish another edition.

Until next week, enjoy your stay-at-home Easter and let us know how you and your family spent it.

First solely digital edition now available!

The 3 April digital edition is now available to view and download from the library page.

We are truly grateful for the articles we have received so far. Please send us yours and encourage other people to send some in, too.

Our email is

Without a print copy our reach is not as wide so there are many, many residents who do not know about our digital editions. We we would really appreciate it if you could forward a link to them or print out a copy for anyone who cannot access it on line.

We welcome your feedback to help us develop the digital editions and hope to publish another next Friday.

Many thanks for subscribing and supporting the Village News.

Send us your articles, images, reviews, etc. for our digital editions

We have already published most of what would have been seen in the printed copy of the April edition.

We are now turning our attention to the possibility of weekly edition of the Village News – no deadlines, upbeat content, and variety.

Please send us your your articles, photographs and other material as soon as you have it ready for publication on this platform.

Email to:

Remember it will be available for all to see, so please avoid disclosing personal information; but we would like to include your name so that you can claim the glory rather than a series of anonymous items.

Over to you, dear readers, to provide copy for the first solely digital edition.